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About Supply Chain Finance

At RFSPL, we aim to foster collaborative partnerships and empower enterprises within the B2B2C paradigm through our pioneering Partner-Sourced Lending solutions. Our distinctive methodology involves procuring unsecured loans directly from business partners, facilitating seamless integration, and fostering reciprocal advancement.

We provide tailored Supply Chain Finance solutions engineered to optimize financial workflows and elevate operational efficacy within your business. Our comprehensive Supply Chain Finance program offers a suite of financial products meticulously crafted to align with the nuanced requirements of enterprises spanning diverse industries.

Our partner-sourced B2B2C supply chain finance solutions include:

Invoice Financing: Receive early payment for approved invoices, ensuring steady cash flow and smooth business operations.
Vendor Financing: Collaborate with your business partners to offer competitive financing options to suppliers to strengthen the entire supply chain ecosystem.


Loan Amount

Upto Rs. 30 Lakh


Loan Tenure

Upto 90 Days


Interest Rate

20% - 25% Per Annum


Processing Fees

2% Onwards

Ruloans Supply Chain Finance Benefits For Suppliers

Partnering with RFSPL for your supply chain finance needs offers numerous benefits:

Enhanced Collaboration

RFSPL strengthens relationships by creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for our anchor as well as retailer. This leads to potentially better terms and ensuring a stable supply chain.

Improves Cash Flow

Access to early payment options helps maintain liquidity and optimize cash flow, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and growth.

Strengthens Supply Chain

We collaborate with manufacturers/anchors and retailers to contribute to a resilient and efficient supply chain, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Higher Efficiency

Our streamlined processes and automated transactions help drastically reduce administrative burden and also improve overall operational efficiency.

Business Growth

RFSPL helps you unlock working capital trapped in the supply chain for funding innovative products, expansion plans and business opportunities.

Mitigates Risk

RFSPL offers tailored financing solutions to help you mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions, late payments, and cash flow gaps.

Understanding Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) offers powerful financial tools to optimize liquidity and working capital in the supply chain.

It involves various financial instruments and techniques to improve the cash flow between all parties in the supply chain, creating a win-win situation for all SCF's primary objective is to enhance the financial health of all supply chain participants by offering early payment to the manufacturer on behalf of the supplier or to the supplier on behalf of the retailer. This leads to optimizing cash flow, offering capital at lower costs, and minimizing risk.

Key Features Of Ruloans Supply Chain Finance

Here are a few key features of RFSPL's supply chain finance

  • Higher liquidity.
  • Reduces working capital requirement.
  • Stronger business relationships.
  • Lower cost financing.
  • Zero collateral.
  • Quick processing and approval.
  • Minimal documentation
  • 100% Digital processing

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Age of 21 to 60 years (on the loan maturity).
  2. Self-employed non-professional.
  3. Five years of business vintage.

Completely transparent charges for minimal financial hiccups.

  1. Penal Charges: 2% per month onwards.
  2. Bouncing Charges: Rs.400/- per bouncing.
Documents Required

Apply once with minimal documentation. Afterwards, manage your finances online.

  1. The last 2 years' financials.
  2. KYC documents of all related parties/stakeholders.
  3. Selfie.
  4. Product invoice.
  5. E-Nach with one cancelled cheque.